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Friday, February 5, 2010

2010 Meat Order Instructions.

Our animals are pasture raised on wide-open, lush, salad bar pastures free of pesticides and herbicides. We do not need to feed antibiotics or use hormones to keep out animals healthy.

Chickens- Whole 4-6 lbs. each @ $3.00/lb.
Turkeys- Whole 12-20 lbs. each @$3.50/lb.
Pork- sold by the 1/4, 25-30 lbs @$3.75/lb. (share size varies)
Beef- sold by the 1/4, 75-100 lbs @ $4.50/lb. (share size varies)

Chickens are available in the summer. Turkeys will be ready early fall, but well before Thanksgiving. We hope to have pork and beef available for summer and fall. Everything is sold on a first come, first serve basis. Prices subject to change.

$25.00 deposit required on Pork. $50.00 deposit required on Beef. Beef & Pork are sold by the share. A share is 25% of the animal, ensuring an even share of what the animal produces.

We do not process the animals ourselves. Our animals are processed by professionals in sanitary facilities. Beef & Pork are processed in a standard cut.

BEEF: standard cut
Ground beef- one lb. packages
3/4 inch steaks, one or two per package
Round steak- plain, cubed or ground (your choice)
Average roasts
Rib steaks, T-bone, Porterhouse, & Sirloin steaks
Liver, heart, tongue - optional
Stew meat & Soup bones - optional

PORK: standard cut
Ground pork- one lb. packages
Bacon- one lb. packages, thick cut
Pork chops and steaks 3/4 inch thick, one or two per package
Ham/Roasts- fresh (non cooked)
Smoked meat: add $0.50 per pound.

To have beef or pork processed to your specifications requires that you purchase 50% of the animal. Additional processing fees may apply.

Chickens and turkeys are processes whole and are frozen.
We do have some Turkey Roasts and ground turkey available.

To order: Hiday Farm, 2948 -12 Mile Rd., Burlington, MI 49029 (517) 765-2268

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